Double Lock Tie


Double Lock Tie

has a button at both ends, can be fastened at any position;

suitable for repeated use or adjustment of the length of the occasion, such as tying wire, pipe, fabric, and so on.

Material: Made of nylon 66 material approved by UL, fire rating is 94V-2,strong endurance, not easy to age;

Color: The standard color is white, other colors can be customized;

Operating temperature: -35℃ to 85℃

International certification: UL, CE, ROHS, SGS;

Product features: Double buckle design can make the tail parallel buckle into two tight so that the binding shape is closer to the circle, the tie belt bearing force is stronger, not easy to slip, and can effectively protect the cable.

Item NO. Length Width Bundle Dia. Min.loop Tensile Strength
  inch mm mm mm  LBS kgs
NL-9x260DT 10-1/4″ 260  8.5  66  110 50
NL-9x360DT 14″ 360 8.5  90  110 50


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