Variable Riser For Perforated Cable Tray


Variable Riser For Perforated Cable Tray

Feature: fully adjustable; hot dipped galvanized; industry standard

A heavy-duty variable riser is a type of cable tray accessory that is used to create angular changes in direction between cable tray runs in different planes.

It can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

They are made of pre-galvanized or galvanized mild steel and conform to BS standards.

Heavy-duty variable risers are designed to change the direction Angle to a set Angle of 45°, 60°, 90° at a radius of 30mm, other radii can be ordered.

The Heavy Duty Riser has the best protective level of the three and is typically used to protect underground distribution cable and equipment.

The advantage of the heavy-duty variable riser:

  • It allows for flexibility and versatility in cable tray installation, as it can accommodate different angles and orientations.
  • It offers a high level of mechanical and environmental protection, as it is made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials
  • It enables easy breakout and fiber termination within multi-dwelling or office buildings, as it has a tight buffered and multi-core design.
  • It has a variable length and angle, ranging from 90° to 360°, depending on the size and shape of the riser.
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