Fireproof Channel Cable Tray System

Fireproof Channel Cable Tray System

The fireproof channel cable tray system is produced by galvanized channel cable tray after processing surface treatment of a layer of fireproof coating. In addition, the use of high environmental protection pigment makes the fireproof coating on the cable tray non-toxic, with no pollution, and has excellent fire resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance performance.

The surface of the fireproof channel cable tray has a frosted feeling. It is generally used in the distribution line of fire fighting equipment, such as fire control rooms, fire pumps, fire elevators, smoke fans, and automatic fire alarm systems.

The steel skeleton is mainly made of a high-quality cold-rolled sheet by machining, which has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and long service life. The section of the steel skeleton is neat without burrs and sharp corners, and the groove is smooth and flat without sharp bumps.

After processing, the shape of the section is uniform, without bending, twisting, cracks, edges, and other defects.

The fire-proof board is made of siliceous and calcrete materials as the main raw materials, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregate, adhesives, and chemical additives, and made by advanced autoclave technology.

Fireproof coating is an efficient protection product for steel structures. It is composed of polymer synthetic resin as film-forming material, flame retardant, blowing agent, carbonizing agent, and high-temperature refractory materials. In high-temperature conditions, the coating continuously foaming expansion effect, the formation of a flexible spongy carbonized heat insulation layer, so that the bearing steel structure will not be due to the effect of high-temperature flame and sharp softening deformation, strength will not drop sharply. External fire retardant coating layer spraying requirements are uniform, and smooth, with no obvious color difference.

The inner layer is equipped with a fire-proof board or fire-proof paint, and the fire-proof board and the bridge are fixed reliably.

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