GRP GFRP FRP Ladder Cable Tray System

GRP GFRP FRP Ladder Cable Tray System

Size Custom, Cost-effective

The GRP(GFRP), FRP ladder cable tray system is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, flame retardant, and other materials mixed processing, through the composite molding material and clamp stainless steel screen pressed.

The GRP(GFRP), FRP material has a low thermal conductivity, coupled with the addition of flame retardants, the product has fire-proof, self-extinguishing, and has high corrosion resistance.


  1. Corrosion resistance, no rust

  2. Anti-aging, flame retardant, non-conductive

  3. Low cost, reliable quality, cost-effective

The GRP(GFRP) ladder cable tray system has the characteristics of wide application, high strength, light weight, reasonable structure, low cost, long life, strong anti-corrosion, simple construction, flexible wiring, installation standard, beautiful appearance, a technical transformation of the line, cable expansion, maintenance, and overhaul are convenient.

Compared with the GRP channel tray system, the GRP ladder tray system has a better hot dissipation performance and is suitable for large rates and high-load power cable laying.

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