HDG Hot-Dip Galvanizing Perforated Cable Tray System

HDG Hot-Dip Galvanizing Perforated Cable Tray System

Better corrosion resistance, and rust resistance effect, than the typical galvanized perforated tray.

The HDG(Hot-Dip Galvanizing)  perforated cable tray system is made of steel plate, the hot-dip galvanizing process treats its surface.

Compared with the normal galvanizing process, the perforated cable tray treated by the hot-dip galvanizing process(we called galvanized cable tray), has better protection and an anti-corrosion effect.

The hot-dip galvanizing process treats the cable tray, its GSM is up to 470g.


In the HDG perforated cable tray system, because of the bottom hole, its heat dissipation performance will be better than galvanized channel cable tray.

Moreover, The perforated tray still holds good signal interference and dustproof effect, commonly used in control cables, communication cables horizontal laying, or vertical laying. And for the installation of power cables.

The galvanized perforated tray is widely used in real estate construction, the chemical industry, electricity, oil, telecommunications, etc.

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