AAAC Cable All Aluminum Alloy Conductor

AAAC Cable All Aluminum Alloy Conductor


AAAC Cable means All Aluminum Alloy Conductor.

Compared with AAC cable and ACSR cable, the All Aluminum Alloy Conductor has the characteristics of large load, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, etc.

Product Features:

  1. Medium and high strength aluminum alloy stranded wire in long-distance. It has an exclusive advantage in ultrahigh voltage transmission lines in special geographical environments such as snow and ice storm areas.
  2. Due to its lightweight, it is suitable for the capacity reconstruction of the old line, and the capacity can be increased by using the original iron tower.
  3. In power line construction and transformation, is an excellent product with superior performance and economic durability.
  4. Widely used in railway. Electric power, transportation, and other industries.
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