Adhesive Cable Tie Mount


Adhesive Cable Tie Mount

Good insulation performance, light weight, suitable for all kinds of wall surface.

Adhesive cable tie mount is a base used to secure cable ties.

It usually with back glue or 3M glue, can be attached to the surface that needs wiring without drilling holes or screws.

Adhesive cable tie fixing seat has different specifications, materials, and colors, according to the width and color of the cable tie to choose the appropriate model.

Material: Made of new PE, good elasticity, impact resistance, not easy to break;

Color: black/white, other colors can be customized;

Part No. W1 W2 D H
  mm mm mm mm
NLTM20x20 20 20 5.7 6.4
NLTM25x25 25 25 7.6 6.9
NLTM30x30 30 30 9 7.4
NLTM40x40 40 40 12.3 7.9
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