Plastic Wall Plug


Plastic Wall Plug

Advantages: good elasticity, high tensile force, impact resistance, no rupture, strong hardness, no rust, high elasticity

The plastic wall plug is a fastener used to hold a screw or bolt, usually made of plastic or metal, that can be inserted into a hole and then expanded by the rotation of the screw or bolt, thereby increasing friction and pullout resistance.

Plastic wall plug has different models, specifications, materials, and uses, according to the need to choose the right product.

Material: Made of new PE, good elasticity, impact resistance, not easy to break;

Color: black/white, other colors can be customized;

Size Length O.D. I.D. Screw Spike
  L(mm) D(mm) P(mm) mm
5mm 25 5 4 2.5×25
6mm 30 6 5 4.0×30
7mm 35 7 5.7 4.5×35
8mm 40 8 5.9 5.0×40
10mm 50 10 7.9 6.0×45
12mm 60 12 11 8.0×60
14mm 75 14 12 10.0×70
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