How to prevent wire and cable sheath fall off in winter?

In the harsh winter, when laying and installing wire and cable, many construction workers will find that good quality wire and cable products usually make the wire somewhat hardened, and the insulating coating will also peel off and damage. Many construction workers believe that the wire and cable products themselves have quality problems, and cable manufacturers insist that the products have been inspected before leaving the factory and are qualified products, but they often cause misunderstandings between the two parties. Actually, it’s not something wrong with the quality of the product itself, but because of the harsh winter. The outer layers of wire and cable products are mostly ordinary plastic (PVC) or rubber, which hardens when they are in sub-zero environments. The body of the entire wire and cable product line will become hard and brittle, causing the outer skin to fall off and be damaged by a slight external force. Follow the editor of Mineral Insulated Cable to learn about its preventive measures!

  1. Shipping from the factory: When loading the product onto the shipping vehicle, warm and protective measures are required. For example, use enclosed shipping means to prevent direct exposure of the product; lay a layer of soft cushioning on the product, such as bedding or other soft foam, etc.; please handle with care when loading, do not load roughly and avoid bending the product big.
  2. When the product supplier arrives at the destination or construction site, it should dispatch personnel to supervise the product to prevent rough operation when unloading the product.
  3. Store the product indoors. At the same time, place an insulating layer on the surface of the storage equipment (such as planks, bedding, foam, etc.) to prevent the product from freezing and moisture, and prevent the product from directly touching the ground and the ground. Please handle with caution when scratching the sheath of the wire and cable.
  4. When the product is laid and installed: choose to work in a warmer temperature in the mid-afternoon, if possible, use a heater and other equipment to “warm up” the product in advance before use so that the product can reach the best performance state. If it is buried in the ground, a protective layer, such as cloth and foam, can be laid in the cable trench in advance. If it is a pipe, make sure that the inside and outside of the pipe are smooth so that the wire will not be scratched. Special attention should be paid to iron pipes. When purchasing iron pipes of qualified quality, there may be a large number of sharp protrusions in the iron pipes of poor quality, which may scratch the outer skin of the wires.
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