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How to prevent wire and cable sheath fall off in winter?

In the harsh winter, when laying and installing wire and cable, many construction workers will find that good quality wire and cable products usually make the wire somewhat hardened, and the insulating coating will also peel off and damage. Many construction workers believe that the wire and cable products themselves have quality problems, and cable

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How to choose high-quality cables?

Actually, High-quality cable is a vague concept. Generally speaking, it can meet the technical requirements of the circuit, and there is no excess performance, and the cable with qualified quality can be considered a high-quality cable. Determine the current carrying capacity requirements, ambient temperature, and humidity parameters of the laying line. The first step in

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How to store cables?

If the cable is to be stored for a long time, the following considerations should be taken according to the location of the cable: 1. Under the eaves. The standard LAN cable can be used only when the cable is not directly exposed to sunlight or ultra-high temperature. It is recommended to use pipes. 2.

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