How to store cables?

If the cable is to be stored for a long time, the following considerations should be taken according to the location of the cable:

1. Under the eaves. The standard LAN cable can be used only when the cable is not directly exposed to sunlight or ultra-high temperature. It is recommended to use pipes.

2. The exterior wall. Avoid direct sunlight on the wall and man-made damage.

3. In the pipeline (plastic or metal). If in the pipeline, pay attention to the damage to the plastic pipe and the heat conduction of the metal pipe.

4. Suspended applications/overhead cables. Consider the sag and pressure of the cable, which method of bundling is going to be used, and whether the cable is directly exposed to sunlight.

5. Laying directly in the underground cable trench, this kind of environment is the smallest control range. The installation of the cable trench should be checked regularly for dryness or humidity.

6. Underground pipelines. In order to facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement, and isolation from surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipelines are isolated, auxiliary pipelines are a better method. But don’t expect that the pipe will always remain dry, which will affect the choice of cable types.

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