Push Mount Cable Tie


Push Mount Cable Tie

usually used in automobiles, cabins, electrical appliances, networks, and other fields.

Material: Made of nylon 66 material approved by UL, fire rating is 94V-2,strong endurance, not easy to age;

Color: The standard color is white, other colors can be customized;

Operating temperature: -35℃ to 85℃

International certification: UL, CE, ROHS, SGS;

Product features: The head buckle can be inserted into the corresponding mounting hole to play the role of binding and binding wiring harness, which is widely used in the automobile and automation industry.

Item NO. Length Width Bundle Dia. Min.loop Tensile Strength
  inch mm mm mm LBS kgs
 NL-3X100PT 4″ 100 2.5 22 18 8
NL-3.6X150PT 6″ 150 3.6 35 40 18
NL-3.6X200PT 8″ 200 3.6 50 40 18
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