Floor Trunking


Floor Trunking

The surface of the floor  trunking is curved, and suitable for floor wiring in any public area.

Appearance: small color difference, environmental protection, and beautiful;

Good toughness: strong nail-holding force, bending is not easy to break;

Convenient and simple assembly: easy to open, firmly fastened, easy to push and pull;

High hardness: strong compression ability, high impact resistance;

Good fire performance: made of flame-retardant PVC resin, oxygen index greater than 40;

Good electric resistance: the insulating material is resistant to 25,000 volts to avoid the danger of leakage electric shock;

Good corrosion resistance: moisture, acid, and alkali resistance;

Applicable environment: office buildings, shopping malls, factories, and other public places;

Service life: under normal use, the life can reach more than 50 years;

Scope of use: Suitable for building decoration projects, household hydropower projects, building fire prevention, telecommunications, and electric power installation projects.

Specification Thickness mm
25X8 1.10
35X10 1.35
50X15 1.60
70X20 2.00
90X25 2.60
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