NEMA Cable Ladder Cable Tray


NEMA Cable Ladder Cable Tray

Standard: NEMA VE1

Application: Secure or support cables

Material: SS304, SS316, aluminum, galvanized steel

The NEMA cable ladder system is a rigid structural system used to secure or support cables, which meets the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards.
The advantages of the NEMA cable ladder system are low cost, lightweight, fast heat dissipation, high strength, flexible installation, etc.

The LONGJOY NEMA cable ladder system can be produced by different materials, such as SS304, SS316, aluminum, galvanized steel.

The LONGJOY NEMA cable ladder has different sizes and specifications, and we can provide the customization service.

Specification W(mm) H(mm)
N12B-150G 150 65
N16A-150G 96
N20B-150G 130
N20C-150G 150
N12B-300G 300 65
N16A-300G 96
N20B-300G 130
N20C-300G 150
N12B-450G 450 65
N16A-450G 96
N20B-450G 130
N20C-450G 150
N12B-600G 600 65
N16A-600G 96
N20B-600G 130
N20C-600G 150
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