Charging Station Cable | Charging Pile Cable


Charging Station Cable | Charging Pile Cable

The charging station cable is made of elastomer insulation and sheath materials with high-temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, and other characteristics.

The product has good stability and can be used in different environments. The sheath material has high mechanical strength, can withstand frequent dragging, wear, and crushing of cars, and has a long service life.

The conductor of the cable is a tinned soft copper conductor, and the insulation and sheath are made of high-quality elastomer material, which is flexible and easy to install and use. The cable is made of halogen-free and low-smoke, safe, and environmentally friendly material.

  • nominal voltage: 450/750V(AC), 1KV(DC)
  • Long-term working temperature:










  • The ambient temperature at runtime: -40℃\+50℃
  • The bending radius of the cable:
  1. The bending radius of the cable is 4OD.
  2. (OD: The outside diameter of the cable.)
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