Irradiated rubber cable


Irradiated rubber cable

  • nominal voltage of the Irradiated rubber cable: 450/750V
  • Long-term working temperature:
Type temperature
YC, YCW 110℃
  • The bending radius of the cable:

The bending radius of the Irradiated rubber sheathed cable is 6OD. (OD: The outside diameter of the cable.)

Irradiation cabtyre cable materials using irradiation type rubber material, after the insulation extrusion, cooling insulation wire core, the uniform is finished with a high energy electron accelerator irradiation crosslinking process, the formation of the crosslinked bond better stability, so the higher mechanical strength of the cable.

At the same time, the cable uses a soft copper conductor, making the cable soft and light, suitable for all kinds of mobile electrical equipment, and can bear a large mechanical external force.

YCW cable has weather resistance and a certain oil resistance performance, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil sites.

The advanced irradiation crosslinking technology avoids the environmental pollution of common vulcanization crosslinking, so this product is environment-friendly.

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