PVC Insulated Nylon Sheath Cable


PVC Insulated Nylon Sheath Cable

  • The nominal voltage of the cable: 450/750V
  • Long-term working temperature:
Insulate material temperature
PVC 70℃
  • Short-circuit carrying temperature:
Insulate material temperature
PVC 180℃
  • Cable laying temperature: above 0℃.
  • The bending radius of the cable:

The bending radius of the Nylon sheath cable whose OD is less than 25mm shall not be less than 4OD.

The bending radius of the Nylon sheath cable with OD of 25mm and above shall not be less than 6OD.

(OD: The outside diameter of the cable.)

  • This product adopts the double-layer co-extrusion structure of environment-friendly PVC and nylon, the inner layer is environment-friendly PVC insulation, and the outer layer is a high-performance nylon sheath.  Nylon material not only has good high-temperature resistance, mechanical properties, and insulation properties, but also has impact resistance, fatigue stability, good wear resistance, and waterproof performance.  Using nylon material as a cable sheath can improve the quality, safety, and environmental applicability of cable. Nylon material such as cable sheath has the reputation of being “softly armored”, can protect the cable insulation layer is not damaged, and has a certain anti-aging and corrosion resistance performance.  The aging performance test proves that the service life of nylon sheath cable is more than 40 years longer than that of ordinary PVC insulated cable.
  • This product has wear-resisting, waterproof, cold resistance, oil resistance, not easy to burn, not easy to aging, environmental protection, in the relative humidity in 98% of the environment can be used normally. This product is suitable for fixed cables of power plants with rated ac voltage up to and including 450/750V. It is widely used in low-voltage lines of aircraft, circuit installation of highway monitoring equipment, street lamp installation, as well as fixed construction and home decoration lines of buildings, electrical appliances, and switches.

PS: According to customer requirements we can produce low smoke halogen-free and flame retardant cable.

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