Flat Cable Clip


Flat Cable Clip

Design to fit wire shape, suitable for socket wire, network cable, cable, water pipe and so on.

A flat cable clip is a hand tool used to fix wires, network cables, telephone lines, and other cables.

It is usually made of plastic or metal and can be inserted into the hole and then fixed to the wall or other materials by tapping steel nails to increase friction and pull strength.

Flat cable clip has different models, specifications, materials, and uses, according to the need to choose the right product.

Material: Made of new PE, good elasticity, impact resistance, not easy to break;

Color: black/white, other colors can be customized.

Part No.  W H Nail
   mm mm  
NL-NC04F  4 4.8 1.7×14
NL-NC05F  5 5.3 1.7×15
NL-NC06F  6 6.2 1.8×16
NL-NC07F  7 6.3 1.8×16
NL-NCO8F  8 6.8 1.8×16
NL-NC09F  9 7.1 1.8×18
NL-NC10F 10 7.4 1.8×18
NL-NC12F 12 7.5 1.9×19
NL-NC14F 14 8.5 2.0×20
NL-NC16F 16  11 2.0×25
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