How to choose high-quality cables?

Actually, High-quality cable is a vague concept. Generally speaking, it can meet the technical requirements of the circuit, and there is no excess performance, and the cable with qualified quality can be considered a high-quality cable.

  1. Determine the current carrying capacity requirements, ambient temperature, and humidity parameters of the laying line. The first step in selecting high-quality cables is to clarify the design requirements of the circuit. Generally speaking, it is the best solution to choose high-quality and low-cost cables under the premise of meeting the technical requirements of the circuit. This not only meets the technical requirements of the line but also does not cause waste of budget.
  2. Choose high-quality suppliers and brands. Big-name suppliers often have existed in the industry for many years, and their product quality is more guaranteed.
  3. Choose products with qualified certificates and quality certifications. If a product has a product quality certificate and quality certification, its quality will be more reliable.
  4. Don’t just pursue low-priced products. For cable products, the price is mainly determined by the cost of raw materials and labor. If the price is too cheap, the quality of its products is often problematic. For example, in order to save costs, a copper raw material containing more impurities is selected. If your budget is really limited, we recommend that you choose a lower price but more secure aluminum cable.

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