Why do cables get hot during operation?

Cables are wires used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. In the power line, when passing a certain load current, the cable will heat up, with the increase of load current, the cable surface temperature will rise. What are the reasons for the heating of wires and cables in operation?
1. The conductor resistance of the cable does not meet the requirements, causing the cable to heat up during operation. So, when you want to construct a circuit line, you should purchase a cable that has a high-quality conductor first. LONGJOY cable always provides products that use wonderful raw materials.
2. The cable specifications are improperly selected. The conductor cross-section of the cable is too small, and it is overloaded during operation. After a long time of use, the heat and heat dissipation of the cable will be unbalanced and lead to heating. If you don’t know which model of cable you need, please contact us, our expert team will help you to make a decision.
3. If cables are densely installed, the ventilation and heat dissipation effect is poor, or the cables are too close to other heat sources, which affects the heat dissipation of cables and may cause cable heating.
4. In the installation process, the manufacturing technology of the joint is not good, and the crimping is not tight, leading to the contact resistance at the joint being too large, and the cable is hot.
5. The insulation performance between cables is poor, the insulation resistance is low, and the cable will heat up during operation. LONGJOY cable not only uses wonderful raw materials but also has advanced equipment and management system to ensure the quality of products. The XLPE cable, PVC cable, PE cable, and polyolefin cable supplied by us have stable and reliable insulation resistance performance.
6. The partial sheath of the armored cable is damaged, and the water inflow will slowly destroy the insulation performance, resulting in the gradual reduction of insulation resistance, which will also cause the phenomenon of heating in the cable operation.

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